Officers Duties

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Dy. Asst. Director General (MS) is the Head of Office of Chennai Depot and he is assisted by an Asst. Factory Manager, two Asst. Depot Managers and One Sr. Accounts Officer. His powers are as defined under MSD manual and in accordance with the Head of Office under G.F.R.

Duties of Officers in Assisting D.A.D.G (MS) in procurement of Medical Stores, quality testing to in 2 Laboratories and Supply quality items to all the indentors. Proper running of Depot Laboratory, proper maintenance of machinery, stocks and files, service records, maintenance of industrial peace, involve themselves in all policy matters, procedures, proper

planning, development and budget control of expenditure with the advice of Sr. Accounts Officer and follow the instructions and guidelines as given by Directorate and Ministry. Duties of the employees are joint action in proper receipt, storage and supply of Medical Stores to various indentors and maintain peace in the Depot.


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