Indenting of Drugs

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All the registered indenters will send their demands through online system by using their User  ID and Password provided to them by the Medical Store Organisation on registration. 

  1. On receipt of the demands through the online system from indenters the Store Section Superintendent of each Depot  shall  scrutinized the computer   generated consolidated   demand   up  to   a  specified date as specified by the MSO HQ for all items. The Depot Manager /Assistant  Depot  Manager In charge shall scrutinize, confirm/reconfirm and give his approval online before it is transmitted to the Officer In charge for his final approval.

  2. Demands of each indenters received through the online system shall be compiled automatically in each GMSD and the each GMSD shall forward the compiled demands online to the authorized Depot designated by MSO for final compilation of demands and procurement after approval of Office In charge of the Depot

  3. The MSO shall authorize any one of the depot / depots for central procurement of Proprietary and Generic items. 

  4. Consolidated purchase proposals will be formulated by the Purchase Section taking into account the demand received from all the indenters Vis-a vis the, stocks in hand, in all GMSDs

  5. The authorized depot shall forward the compiled Purchase Proposals to MSO HQ for sanction. 

  6. Purchase proposals need not to be prepared in the following cases:- 

    • If value of the total quantity of the item is less  then Rupees.10, 000/- or of such other value as prescribed from time to time.
    • If  the  item/firm is   debarred/deregistered or   is  under  the process of debarment/de-Registration .
    • If  the  demanded   quantity  is  too  little  hence  not  economical   taking  in view   on expenditure on quality control.

  7. The Purchase Committee constituted, approved  by MSO HQ and in position in concerned GMSD will assist the Office In charge of the Depot in the purchasing process of stores.


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