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Dy. Asstt. Director General (MS) is the Head of Office of GMSD Karnal assisted by Depot Manager, Asstt. Depot Managers,  Accounts Officer and Office Supdt. to run the Depot the powers and duties of the DADG(MS) are as under:- 

  • DADG(MS) will be the principal Executive Officer of the Govt. medical Store Depot and will be responsible to the Director General of Health Services for its overall control and efficient administration including : 
    • Procurement and Supply of Stores; 
    • Proper running of the Factory and the Laboratory attached to the Depot; 
    • The proper maintenance of Stores,  Equipment and Machinery in the Depot, Laboratory and Factory attached thereto; and 
    • The maintenance of the industrial peace thereat. 
    • He attends all matters involving policy , procedure , planning development and finance, budgetary control of expenditure under the instructions and guidelines issued by the Govt. and Ministry of Health & F.W.  
    • He is the Chief Security Officer  of the Depot .
  • Depot Manager is the overall Incharge of the Stores Divisions of the Depot comprising  of Drug, Instruments and appliances, sundries, Packing Material, Issue and Despatch, Receipt, International Cell and Family Welfare Cell.  He is responsible of High Degree of efficiency in the working of Store Division by supervising  and coordinating the activities of Store Divisions through the  Asstt. Depot Managers except Drug Section which will be directly supervised by him.  He will render necessary guidance and advised to the subordinate.   He will also report to DADG (MS) all cases of neglect, delinquency defalcation etc. All communications, which involve matters of policy procedure development planning, financial implications and complaints will be attended to by him. He will examine, approve and sign adjustment vouchers, transfer vouchers which do not involve new liabilities, issue vouchers for samples sent for testing, expense vouchers for samples etc.   

    However the post is vacant at present in GMSD, Karnal. 

    ADMs will directly supervise all activities in the store sections assigned to him and are responsible for efficient working of each  unit as a whole.  They will go through all receipt meant for the sections place under them, ensuring that all papers which require immediate attention are attending promptly.  They will finally approve and sign all correspondence of routine nature and personally responsible to ensure that all the facts relevant of the case and other datas are correctly reported.  They will examine approve and sign issue vouchers, civil credit notes  Gate Passes, Receipt and Issue Vouchers, Railway and Postal Receipt, Bill of landing and other instruments covering dispatch of stores, duties slips for hired transport, Inspection Notes, Packing Notes and Clearing Charge etc.  They will also ensure that the stores delivered by the Receipt Section are immediately brought on charge in the Bin Cards by ensuring correct VMS No. and nomenclature of the items.  They will also responsible to ensure all stocks losses due to shortages, leakages, breakages deterioration etc. are immediately entered in the Register of losses and report submitted to the Competent Financial Authorities by investigating reason of losses.  They are also responsible to ensure that the demands for the items received are placed according to the standing order for local purchase.  

    However one post of ADM is vacant at present at GMSD, Karnal. 

  • Accounts Officer. 
    Accounts Officer is overall Incharge of the Accounts Division and responsible to the DADG(MS) for the proper maintenance of Accounts consistent with the rules and regulations prescribed in various Govt. Codes and standing orders issued by the Govt. from time to time.  He is also Drawing and Disbursing Officer of GMSD and Incharge of Pay Section.  He is responsible for :- 

    • Maintenance of various types of Accounts viz. contractor ledgers, Indentors Ledgers drawing medical stores from this depot, various kinds of advances Registers, Cash Book, GPF Ledgers  &Broadsheet, Receipt and Issue day books etc. 
    • Checking & signing of receipt vouchers relating to receipt of stores, rate cards and rate register of civil, CGHS,NMEP, Unicef, & Anti T.B. 
    • Payment  of the contractors bills after proper checking. 
    • Signing of Pricing of Issue Vouchers and adjustment vouchers after proper checking and follow up the matters with the indentors for the payment. 
    • Preparation of original and revised budget estimates, weekly & Monthly Accounts and submission thereof to DGHS & PAO DGHS. 
    • Obtaining LOC from PAO and Monthly  expenditure , reconciliation with PAO office. 
    • Maintenance of Sales Tax , Records, Submission of quarterly &Annual Sales Tax Return to Sales Tax Authorities and payment of Sales Tax. 
    • Preparation of Annual Profit and Loss Account of GMSD Karnal. 
    • Preparation of Pay Bills, TA bills, Medical bills, GPF advance, LTC bills and other Misc. bills in respect of 162 officials, contingent bills and other Misc. bills and payment thereof.  Payment of transporters bills after checking . 
    • Disposal of  all types of correspondence pertaining to the matters as mentioned above and deposit of receipts into the bank. 
    • to render all types of advice to DADG pertaining to Finance and Accounts and to attend other work entrusted to him by DADG. 

    Office Superintendent is the overall Incharge of Pay & Establishment Division, Purchase & Statistical Section , Typing Poll & Central Record Room.  He is the Principal Assistant to the Head of Office on the Administrative matters and responsible to attend all important noticing drafting and correspondence .  He is the coordinator to see that all audit objection are replied to promptly .  All  incoming daks will be gone through by him and make note for necessary action . Different Section of the offices are under respective Assistant Office Supdt. who  are all responsible  to Office Supdt. Section.  All important letters other than those drafted by the DADG(MS) himself will be drafted by the Office Supdt. who will also approve of and attest by his initial all other letters before submission to the DADG(MS).   

    • PURCHASE SECTION  is headed by Asstt. Supdt. / Store Supdt. with other clerical staff  and responsible for procurement of medical stores
    • ISSUE SECTION is headed by Store Supdt. with other clerical staff and all the indents are received in Issue Section, properly scrutinized as per provision of MSD Manual, allots indents Number and pass on to drugs Section for compilation of demand.  This branch is also responsible for dispatch of material to the consignee concerned. 
    • RECEIPT SECTION is headed by Store Supdt with other clerical staff and responsible for receipts of drugs in the depot, drawing of samples and sending it to respective lab. for testing and finally issue of Inspection Notes vis-à-vis handing over the material to the drugs section for preparing Issue Vouchers.  
    • DRUG SECTION is headed by Store Supdt  with other clerical and technical staff ( Pharmacist –cum-clerk ) and are responsible for compilation of demands received from the indentors, preparation of issue vouchers by the pharmacist cum clerks to issue drugs to the indentors concerned as per their demands.  Other programme Stores like Anti TB, Anti Leprosy, NMEP, Anti Malaria, etc. are also handled in the Drug Section by the concerned Pharmacist cum clerk. 
    • INTERNATIONAL CELL  is headed by Asstt. Supdt/Store Supdt. with other clerical and technical staff and are responsible  for receipt accountal and storage of the consignment received from National / International agencies including family welfare programmes stores , Vaccination Programmes  and dispatch of stores as per release orders issued by the programme officer. 
    • SUNDRIES SECTION ( B&C) is headed by Asstt. Supdt. / Store Supdt. with clerical staff and responsible for accountal and storage of sundries items and their liquidation as per demands. 
    • D SECTION is  headed by Asstt. Supdt / Store Supdt. with clerical staff and responsible for contingence purchase, packing materials etc. dead stocks and other obsolete stores are also handled by the D section. 
    • PAY & ACCOUNTS SECTION  is headed by Depot Accountant and Store Supdt. with other clerical staff and deals with staff payments, maintenance of the depot accounts , to recovery of cost of supplies to Govt. Instt. , Working out of rates for VMS items, costing of work order, checking up of pricing of Issue Voucher for cost and incidental charges , payment of bills for supply and received , maintenances of receipt & issue day books, preparation of Profit and Loss Accounts, preparation of Budget Estimates and reconciliation of figures, maintenance of  registers relating to various kind of advances, cash book, contingent register, expenditure registers, bills registers , GPF Ledgers etc. 


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