Functions & Duties

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  The Main functions of G.M.S.D. are:- 

  1. To procure and supply medicines for C.G.H.S., Para Military Forces and other indentors
  2. Receipt, Storages and distribution of supplies of drugs and allied stores including various vaccines received from WHO, UNICEF, USAID and other various International Agencies under various agreements entered with Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  3. Receipt, Storage and Issue of stores required under National Health and F.W., Programmers such as Anti-TB, Anti-Leprosy, NMEP, RCH etc.
  4. Meeting the emergency needs of the Southern states in case of Natural Calamities such as floods, Tsunami, Cyclones, droughts etc.

Duties :-


Timely supply of stores bestowing full attention always on quality supplies. Proper storage of all the items against pests, rodents infestations and cent percent watch on prompt supply to the indentors.


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