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Title & Ref.No: Computerization of MSO and GMSD working by using the New Application software –“ Drug And Vaccine Distribution Management System(DVDMS) “ -regarding
Tender Category: Circulars
Tender Date: 03/04/2019
Expiry/Last Date: 30/4/2019
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  Kind Attention : Indentors

Subject: - Computerization of MSO and GMSD working by using the New Application software –“ Drug And Vaccine Distribution Management System(DVDMS) “ -regarding


                To strengthen the working of Indenters, Suppliers,Associated Laboratories with Medical Store Organization(MSO) & GMSDs and to ensuring the effective monitoring system, MSO is goving to shift the indenting , procurement and supply process to the New Application Software Drug And Vaccine Distribution Management System(DVDMS) developed by CDAC Noida(Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology) from the existing application software “” . The existing application software will be discontinued.

The first process is to complete the online registration of Indenters in DVDMS application. The URL of DVDMS application is mentioned below.


  In view of the above, all indenters are requested to intimate their authentic /official  e-mail address and  contact number.The name and mobile no of the responsible official ( Medical Officer / Indenting officer) may also be provided for coordination. The information may be sent through  your official email  to the GMSDs as per the list below  so that credentials i.e.  login ID and password may be generated and sent to your authentic /official email for further process of enrollment/ registration of your unit/institute/establishment..

Jurisdiction of GMSDs for Registration of Indentors  as per State-wise location of unit in India. 

Sl. No.

Location of GMSD


Jurisdiction For Registration of Indentors  located in various States of India


Email and Contact Detail of GMSDS



West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Andaman &Nicobar Island

Sh. Vijay Kumar Jha, Depot Supdt.Mob:9432125141

Sh. Hemant Kumar Rai, PCC,Mob:9903424086



Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerla, Pudduchery , Lakshadeep  and Andaman &Nicobar Island

Sh. D. Shiva Kumar, PCC-Mob:9884155041

Sh B. Karthick , UDC, Mob:9841326391



Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Daman & Diu, Chhatisgarh, Dadar & Nagar Haveli

Sh. Chetan P Mahajan, PCC,Mob:9823737322

Sh. Rakesh Tanavede,UDC,Mob:99322908258



Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh,  J&K,and Chandigarh

Sh. Joginder Kumar, Steno, Mob:9416926012

Smt. Rita Sharma,UDC,Mob:8168777038



Andhra Pradesh, Telenagana

Sh. D. Mahaboob Basha, UDC,Mob:7981442133

Sh. R. Shailender Singh,PCC,



Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalya ,Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura

Sh.D K Rabidas, ADM,Mob:9864266839

Sh. Kamal Tauldar,Depot Supdt,Mob:9864010898


New Delhi

Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Uttrakhand and Rajasthan

Sh. Rajesh Bansal ,Depot Supdt,Mob:9899678763

Sh. Shital Prakash,PCC,Mob:9811525726



The process of registration at DVDMS application is quiet small.and simple. However a helpful video displaying the complete registration process for the indenter is also available at Homepage under Tab TUTORIALS. The process of registration by the indenters will be live from 12.03.2019 to 10-04-2019.Therefore the indenters are requested to complete the registration process within the stipulated time.


The following points are also to be observed by the indenters.

(1)     The registration of their Unit/Hospital/Establishment by indenter at DVDMS application is MANDATORY to enable the GMSD to call the demands online and then initiate the online procurement of Medicines against the indents through this new  application software. Therefore the indenters who fail to complete the registration process on the application will not be able to place their indent to GMSD.

(2)     The Indenters are requested to submit the authentic details in respect of their Unit/Hospital/Establishment such as Contact No., Mobile No. and E-mail of unit and the authorities etc. The indenter will only be responsible for erroneous information furnished by the indenter while registering the unit at the application.


For any kind of issue You can send  mail on:

Name : Tejaswin Mohanty , Project Manager CDAC Noida , Email   mobile no 9178776573

Name : Garima Email   

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